Fantastic week

Well I hardly know where to start. Wild Ideas is back with a bang this week.

Sunday was the mother-in-laws 75th birthday meal at Littleover Lodge, and true to form my hubby decided that last minute shopping on Saturday was fine for a birthday present, (especially as we only had a couple of hours to get back for my 3 year old to get to a party at Wacky Warehouse and then get all the way to Wolverhampton by 4 to pick up the 7 year old from a beaver sleepover camp)

So there we are in Lichfield with the drizzle and we walk past the guildhall. There’s a craft fair on and it looks inviting – at least its inside and dry, and should be good for a pressie.

Upstairs we went, and chatty old me got chatting and immediately spotted the opportunity for some impromptu networking with some stall holders.

Got a super free goody bag and beauty advice from Kate Mcgeary skincare at

Got a great necklace for my lovely mother-in-law from Tina Kelsall – designs by tina who unfortunately does not have any website info on her card.

The necklace buying took a bit of time trying to choose and my 3 year old spiderman got very bored. “Come ON mummy” is the general phrase in a very authoritative tone accompanied by hanging on my let and pulling hard enough to almost tackle me to the ground.

Fortunately there was a nice tea and cake stall and dad saved the day with a chocolate cornflake cake.

With a promise to be quick with my hellos to some other stall holders, dad and spidey waited – but in the end they left me – and I was still there 30 mins later when they returned.

I successfully networked with Gina’s Jewellery – no website to tell you

and Marion Wignall with her great scarves at

Then there was Cari Brewer and her Butterfly bracelets at

then last but by no means least Vicki Suzuki with her jewellery and her lovely angels and fairies – these are really pretty.

Finally I had to let spidey and dad drag me away – so we did not miss the wacky party which went very well. After all with soft play with your fiends fish fingers and a silly man making you laugh what more does a 3 year old need.

And this was all at the beginning of the week…….

there no room for more now, and I did promise not to waffle

so I will have to tell you about the rest of my week next time….
…….. my evening at my first FSB event……my discount trial membership of and what I have already learned from @nigelbotterill

but if you follow me on twitter @lindawildideas of keep up with me on facebook then there are a few snippets.


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