More value than I give credit for

Quote from Warren Buffet:   “Cost is what you pay,  value is what you get”

Last week, Tuesday 9th July, I went to an FSB event at the Eaton Hotel in Edgbaston, Birmingham.
I was looking forward to it, as it was another opportunity to Network with some like minded, serious business owners. ( you would like to think that only serious people would be members of the FSB).

Also there were 3 speakers so hopefully lots of useful information, and opportunity to learn. (Every day can be a school day).

And one of the things Nigel (EC) Botterill taught me is to learn as much as you can from as many people as you can.

So I set off at 4.45pm to be there at 5.30 (a bit of a squeeze) but when you’ve got kids then getting organised never seems to happen when it should (even though they were at home with dad).

Google maps said 40 minutes – My husband said “good luck you should have left this morning – he’s great at instilling confidence.

The sat nav said……. Oh but that’s right you will remember from reading “A grand day out” I don’t have sat nave…….. and look where that got me!

Did I do better this time.. oh no I did much worse…….. I got within half a mile and somehow missed a turn, but it was rush hour and I was in the middle of Birmingham, yes Broad street, I don’t think you can get much more middle than that.

Anyway, I went the right way ( I realised later), but thought it was wrong, so turned round and went round in a circle a couple of times – literally, arriving at the same roundabout.

Eventually I asked at 2 petrol stations,  AND I FINALLY FOUND IT. (although I did go the long way round)

I was the one, “making an entrance” who walked in 40 minutes late. (in a red cardigan so everyone remembers me) No sat nav, or sense of direction – but lots of self belief and determination (get there in the end)

I realised later, looking at my Google printout map, that I was indeed only one street away all the time. But until you know where you are then you cannot pinpoint yourself on a map.

Anyway, the first speaker had almost finished, Smart Strategy telemarketing.
It would be wrong of me to comment, as I missed it. She did seem to be talking about your company team, and as I am an I and there is no team in I, then it did not seem all that relevant.

The guy I wanted to hear, was next, Nick Evans, a marketing “expert” from extra mile communications, who claim to be online marketing experts.

To be fair, it was more of the same as I had learned on my “Grand Day out” at the EC day. So it re-iterated what I have already learned.
Unfortunately, it was not delivered with any where near the same excitement, enthusiasm, motivation or gusto as the EC presentation.
It did not stir up the “get up and go” enough, or spark that determination to succeed, like the EC had done.

I chatted to Nick on a one to one, during the meal break after his presentation, and questioned and compared a few of his ideas, and comments that differed to the EC.  and he did not seem to have all the answers – for a so called expert, I was slightly disappointed.

The final speaker, Mel Myers, who advises on “managing difficult people and difficult situations, coaching and consultancy unpeople problems”

unfortunately, I think he was having an off-day, as the quality of the presentation was pretty bad, even though the content was good.

He could take a lesson from Nick Evans in marketing, (on not skimping on the important stuff.) The business card and website, would benefit from some professional design input.

In the wake of all this I chatted to the other people on my table, and they all seemed keen to listen to my own ideas, (just repeating the useful info I have learned).

I also met my new FSB friend Diane Pagett, HR & Business Coach at Benn Projects. so we had a good chat at the end. We seem to agree on so many levels.

Later that night, safely back at home (in 40 minutes) and reflecting on my evening, particularly, on what I had NOT actually learned. It was mostly a repeat of what I already knew, (from the EC) and poor old Mel, well I started thinking I could put together a better presentation that that.

So with my 20 years of graphic design knowledge, experience and dare I say it, “expertise” together with all my recently acquired marketing knowledge, and the fact that younger less experienced people seem enthralled and impressed with the information, when I explain to them what is mere basic ‘taken for granted’, stuff for me…….

Maybe I do know what I am talking about and probably then I do have more value than I give myself credit for.

Quote from Warren Buffet:   “Cost is what you pay,  value is what you get”

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  1. Diane Pagett said:

    Another good blog Linda, honest and well written. Give yourself some more credit and call me for directions!

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