“Great! no internet”


Back from my hols and back to my computer…. great.

There are two ways to interpret this, normally when you lose internet access the “great”, is a real sarcastic and frustrating great, as you are prevented from doing all those important things that we have become to rely upon, but at this moment in time that applies ONLY to the sentence above.

I had a great time on my camping holiday, and although I was of course looking forward to it I was concerned about the lack of internet access I would have, and how would I manage?  and should I purchase an ipad?  so I could keep up with cyberspace while I was in deepest sunny cornwall.

In the end I decided that, as my good friend and webmaster, Dennis  at DBN was going to monitor my email account and reply to anything urgent, then the purchase of an ipad was a little excessive, and I could manage.

Well that was the best thing that I did, and I really did have a great time, and a good chunk of it was down to the fact that I did not have internet access.

There was WiFi on the campsite in the reading room, if anyone had a device they could link to, but I choose to keep my costs down with a basic mobile phone, as no need for an ipad or lap top.

I am old school you see, I can remember  a time without mobile phones, before they were invented. I can even remember a time before the internet AND EVEN before computers.
Oh how did we survive?

We had a plan B, and we had the opportunity to go on holiday where no-one could get hold of us.

Camping is not for all of you. My husband has a work colleague who takes the mick out of him, and there were a few joking text message conversations on that score while we were away.

But while it started off as an affordable way to take the kids away for 2 weeks every year, it has become a real passion.

We have a decent tent, two awnings and a good air-bed, nice sleeping bags and electric hook up, gas stove, kettle, toaster, lights, DVD player. Toilet tent…..all mod cons.
And we always go to a site with hot running water and a shop and proper toilet block with showers and the like.
Even had a heated swimming pool and evening entertainment this year, so that was  bonus.

But you feel so invigorated, in all the fresh air, and even without too much sunshine your skin gets a healthy glow and a tanned look.

And your head gets a rest from Facebook and twitter and linked in and weekly blogs.
No computer, no TV, just fresh air the beach and a good book. Lots of family time, shouting at the kids, getting frustrated with the husband.(just like home)

and then theres the holiday special of getting to the local Tesco at 6pm on a rainy Sunday evening (after your day out at Eden Project) when you have forgotten about Sunday Trading (what is that still all about) and they are closed – so you have to bend the budget and find a pub for your evening meal.

Good old fashioned family holiday, make it up as you go along, and have lots of fun.

Normally I am well ready to come home, but this year I just wanted to stay. It felt like we had just got settled in. the boys wanted to stay too.

So back to reality, I put off turning the computer on for 24 hours as I knew that when I did I would not be able to get away from it – I was so right.

But you know what, Facebook is still there, so is twitter and nothing bad happened. The internet plodded along quite happily without me, and I never missed it at all – not for a second. Barely even thought about it.

Even if you can’t manage the camping – have a go at leaving your internet behind – you’ll feel all the better for it.


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  1. I absolutely agree with you about the pleasures of leaving the internet and TV at home.

    Though we ‘camp’ in the luxury of a caravan and no longer have children to entertain so the budget stretches slightly further on pub dinners, there is nothing more relaxing than setting up on a good campsite with decent loos and showers and not a lot else in my opinion.

    So glad you all have a lovely holiday.

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