Getting the copy write right

Just before I went on holiday, I had a comment reply to my blog from a copywriter (Zahra), agreeing that including stories was a good way to engage audiences.

I thanked her for her input, and asked what she thought of my website, as I had written all the wording myself, and am competent and confident with the English language.

Her response was that the copy was just not selling my charts or graphic design services at all, and she could see loads of ways to improve, it all..
“Honestly, the content isn’t selling your service. I can see where you could “push” products more to make clients say, “Ooh, I need that!” or “I might as well get that too.”

Her price however, was completely out of my ballpark. I guess the best people can command the big bucks.

However, after a read through of the examples of work listed on her website, I can get a feel for some of what she means and some ideas of how to re-word things myself.

I have another copywriter (Helen) on my email list who had contacted me ages ago so I asked her opinion on improving my copy too.

Her response was, that in fact most of it was fine and some bits she liked and thought were good. Maybe it just needed to be a little more succinct, as less is generally more.
She gave me a list of free tips and suggestions, and an affordable price to re-write all the pages on my site.

She is now very busy however with prior commitments.

Somewhat confused, by almost conflicting opinions, I then happened to mention my thoughts on employing a copywriter, to my good friend and colleague at DBN web design, who threw a very complimentary spanner in the works.

His response was “Regarding the copywriting, I thought you were doing a good job yourself . . . I’d been thinking about asking you for help with the wording and design of our site.”

So “where do I go from here, Is it down to the lake I fear” ( probably not that helpful to do so) – [line from a song here if you are old enough to remember].

Then I have another conversation with the very nice, helpful Robbie Walsh at Reel Effect who is creating my company promo video – high expectations for a stunning result on this one –

Robbie compliments me on the fact that I offer copywriting to my clients, and when I push for opinions, seems to think I am doing a pretty good job with my own site (although to be fair he has not read it all).

OK so now I am all fired up with the enthusiasm that once again, I have more talent than I give myself credit for, and that of course if you offer to pay someone for their assistance, they are hardly likely to turn you down.

So I reckon that with a bit of reading, research and using the valuable advice of Helen, and the work examples of Zahra I should be able to improve things myself.

And finally the good old internet, that endless mine of information produced…. Mr Steve Slaunwhite with his copywriting website

And to be true to my own integrity, it maybe would be wrong of me to offer clients a copywriting service, if I haven’t got the skill to write my own stuff – yeah? – I think so.


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