Some amazing graphics here now

We all love a bit of you tube, watching some silly or funny or entertaining video.
and you’ve all laughed at you’ve been framed.

It much easier than wading though loads of text.
Its less stressful on the mind – easier to understand

And apparently its the fastest growing medium on the internet.  I was recently told “people are 86% more likely to stay on a website that has a video than one that doesn’t.”

Well, I have nothing to back that up, and while I am sure there are some brilliant sites without video and some terrible videos on websites to completely dis-prove this rule, it also has a lot of logic.
Its that old cliche – “A picture paints a thousand words”

So after reading all this and more info recently about how the use of video is growing across the internet and its importance for business users as a sales medium, I decided that it was something I really should invest in if I was serious about the growth of my business.

As a graphic designer, I have loads of creative ideas,  (Recognising my strengths) just frustratingly not the specialist  production tools to make a video, as this is not my area of expertise. (Acknowledging my weakness)

So I did the sensible thing and got an expert to do it (Invested in my brand)

I looked at quite a few video portfolios online, but they were all just nice and ordinary and nothing really jumped out at me, until that was I found Reel Effect.

The videos in their online portfolio – – genuinely had the wow factor, and as a creative myself, I am pretty hard to please……

. . . . . . . . As Robbie and the team found out, when – even after our many discussions and them taking inspiration directly from the content of my website, – I was extremely critical and asked for loads of amends, even on the final production.

Incidentally, My seven year old son was the most helpful critique of the video proof reels that reel effect provided. Clear, honest and logical comments, that surpassed the blank expression of my mother, (who is usually never stuck for words), and non-committal comments of my usually very articulate husband.

Reel Effect were unfazed and extremely helpful doing all my countless corrections until I was completely satisfied, and I now have a great punchy video that grabs attention and entertains whilst promoting my business services.

But it does not end here as they provide follow up and SEO backup services to enable it to climb the google rankings thus driving traffic to my website and increasing new business.

The completion of the video happened just prior to the final edit of my new updated website, which went live on Sunday night. Thanks to Dennis and Bina  at DBN web design ( ) for all their hard work coding up my design amendments.

At first glance it looks fairly similar, with the familiar logos you know and love, but there have been major new graphics and  re-writes across the text, updated portfolio and a free download, plus the new reel effect video and 2 others..

If you like it use the Facebook like and twitter tweet links on the bottom right to tell your friends and business associates

The blog is short this week, so you’ll have time to check it out. . . . . . .
There really are some amazing graphics here now –


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