All present and correct

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to showcase my business, along with any other volunteers and FSB members, at a Birmingham Branch Federation of Small Businesses evening, in Edgbaston.

Those of you who read the blog whet I attended the last event, will remember the trauma I had finding the Hotel in the deepest suburbs of Birmingham, so I had sworn to never venture there again.( and had destroyed all my goggle map printouts).

However, the opportunity was to great to pass up, and after the initial panic about creating my powerpoint presentation was passed, once the basics were designed and submitted (by the quite short notice deadline) I relaxed.

But I was honestly more nervous about actually getting there than standing up in front of a group of strangers doing the actual presentation.

I was fuelled on and inspired by two speakers from the last event, in Edgbaston.

1. one unfortunate speaker, was having an extremely bad day, and rather let himself down with the presentation he gave, and my immediate thoughts had been “Well I am sure I could do better than that”
2. another speaker, Nick Evans, from Extra-mile communications, who had an inspiring list of things to do to make your marketing work. Of which SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES was one I had not ticked off my list yet.

So fuelled and funnelled I got set to work with my presentation. Written in the style of explaining the truth of graphic design to the many businesses who like to do it themselves.

I included my new video (   RHS just below the gn in graphic design.)
I typed up my script and printed it out and then rehearsed 8 – 10 times timing the length, so as not to go over my 6 minute allotted slot. So I was all ready, my presentation practised and prepared, and correct.

So now just needed to make sure I was actually present……

Despite my reservations about finding the event,  I still have not invested in a Sat Nav, although I was hopeful that having circum navigated that area of Birmingham already then I would not have so much trouble the next time.

How wrong I was!

I seemed to miss a vital road sign, (that I had not done before) or turn off too soon, or something, but ended up knowing I had gone wrong, but not really knowing where I needed to go and driving 3 times past the impressive bullring shopping centre, when it seemed everyone else was trying to get themselves out of Birmingham.

Finally, I headed out on a quiet road, almost giving up defeated before I began, but then spotted a sign for the A road I was looking for. So once more spurred on I followed the signs along the ring road and eventually came to a junction I recognised (from my previous visit), and drove confidently and with much relief to the hotel – in time. Hurrah!

Now I was happy,  practised, prepared and all present and correct.

I chatted to Tony Stewart at, who recognised me from a previous event at Drayton Manor Hotel (incidentally much easier to locate). Who pointed out my stupidity of not investing in a second hand sat nav from his auction site of choice – Gum tree.

Of course he is absolutely right. So maybe I will have a look. (Although I still prefer to be independent and work it out myself) – I always get there in the end.

So I was third up, with my powerpoint presentation loaded onto the main laptop, video file linked up, script in hand, reminder to smile, and it all went swimmingly.( I had a couple of fellow speakers come up and comment positively during the interval).

So in a referral back to last weeks blog (this box is ticked) and now I have my presentation all ready to go when the next opportunity for public speaking arises.

Another marketing tool to promote my graphic design business, for people to engage with and get to know me.

Incidentally I found these articles (links below) that contain some useful pointers for creating good presentations when you are ready for your own business.

And of course, if you need a touch of creative help in the actual presentation of each slide,
then you know where I am.

thanks for reading


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