Are you being good for Santa?

Its that time of year again. The christmas cards are already in the shops, and those of us who have anything vaguely christmas related linked to our businesses need to be well in hand with sorting it out, and getting the marketing done.

This week I have been doing some christmas related design images for one of my clients for his online Facebook campaign, tick.

and this afternoon I have a meeting with another to sort out his annual christmas campaign for his printed marketing flyer, tick.

And to all you other parents, with kids who still believe in Santa, well its never too early for them is it as my 7 year old proved by emailed Santa this week with his requests . . . . .
but he has been chopping and changing his mind ever since, so Santa may be getting an updated version any time soon.

And to keep him on track, and monitor and motivate his behaviour, with the focus on this special present he has asked Santa to deliver, I shall be marking his Being good for Santa chart, like we do every year.

Like all my charts, that have been created for use with my own boys, it is available to buy online, but this year I am giving my Santa charts away for free, during October and November. (with each order of any other chart).

So this is the theme of my own business marketing. The christmas promotion flyer is designed, printed and due to be delivered tomorrow, tick.

So if you love your kids to bits, but they really do seem to be prone to driving you crazy with their behaviour, and you are looking for a way to help motivate them to improve, then take a look at my charts, (they worked for my boys).

You can even design your own version to target your own unique issues, and grab yourself a freebie while you’re at it.

So as far as business marketing goes, at the moment I feel like I am on track, and am being good for Santa.
Are you?
Q: Does your business have anything christmas related that you promote / sell?
Q: Do you create a flyer to promote it, either printed or online?
Q: Do you need a bit of FREE DESIGN, to make it at least half way decent?

While you are browsing my website anyway, then take advantage of the FREE DESIGN offer on the home page, a full colour 4 page downloadable PDF with illustrated instructions on how to write, design and create a marketing flyer.

Remember your marketing needs to grab the ATTENTION of your target audience, so make it relate to them not you.
Adapt the examples below to your own business

Write a HEADLINE that addresses their problem, add a related image:
My example
Love your kids but they drive you crazy. Do you need to motivate them? So did I

Create INTEREST with your solution, listing rewards AND benefits.
My example:
My charts work because they:
1. Focus on what children value
2. Encourage them to learn
3. Motivate them to improve
4. Reward and monitor progress
5. Give you the ability to target your own issues

Add DESIRE with a compelling offer, with a deadline and a customer testimonial if you have one.
My example:
 I am giving my Santa charts away for free, during October and November. (with each order of any other chart). “These are tried and tested products that I created and that work for my own sons”

and get ACTION by telling them to call you and have your contact details clearly displayed.

and if you can have separate contact details for each campaign then you can keep track of which campaigns are successful or not, which will aid your marketing budget.

So think about what you need to market your business, download my freebie and Be good for Santa!


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