Time Check


Two things happened this week to make me ponder how we handle our time.

It’s been a lot of years since I can say I had any spare, and especially since the boys came along then there are never enough hours to squeeze everything in.

The first thing: Once a year we (depending on how you deal with it) there is the opportunity to get an extra hour.

I am of course talking about British Summer Time, or in fact the revert back to real time. When we know that the summer is well and truly gone and the dark cosy nights draw in.

It is the one chance when I get to “turn back time” and have an extra hour to myself.

Now we all know we are supposed to alter our clocks at 2 in the morning, but I guess not many of us actually do it then.

I tend to do it earlier in the day, to avoid forgetting (I’ll tell you why later**), so I chose to get the boys in bed and then at 8.30 in the evening when they were all tucked up and I was ready for my evening with hubby, he altered our clocks and hey presto it was only 7.30!

Well the boys are never in bed that early, and it’s Saturday night, so we really did get an extra hour – bliss.

**So to the reason why I alter my clocks early. . . .

Once (and once only) I did completely and totally forget to alter my clocks, when there was a special service at our local church (at 9.30am) the next morning that I wanted to take the boys to – I could not understand where everyone was . . . had I made a mistake? had I got the wrong church?

Determined we were going to church whatever, now I had made the effort – We went to another one in Belper and as time caught us up people began to arrive – I felt rather a numpty when I had to have my error spelled out to me by a very nice lady there.

So I realised my mistake (and that I had been an hour early) and decided we would be on time to return to my original church. . . .
. . . where I discovered that I had indeed also got the wrong church and in fact the service at the right church was an hour later than normal!
So I felt really like a numpty then, and threw in the towel at that point heading back home (I was not waiting around another hour).

And the reference to numpty leads me nicely onto the second thing. Making time to check your job.

One of my clients this week used the word to describe himself, when in his haste, busy-ness, or just lack of enough time he missed a mistake on a design job that I was producing for him.

As it was a digital job, I had not pushed him to double check the contents, and it was easily rectified, all be it at extra cost to him for my time.

But those clients of mine who have had finished printed work produced by Wild Ideas, or had final production files created by me to transfer for production of T-shirt embroidery, or vehicle graphics, will be aware of me emphasising in capital letters that they CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING BEFORE APPROVING THE FINAL JOB.
BEFORE it gets printed. – Its too late and very costly afterwards!

1. Do not believe you are incapable of mistakes.
2. Do not assume your designer has checked it for you
3. Assume that you have made a mistake, and take the time to check.
4. Read over your job determined to find at least one mistake.
5. If you cannot find one – then look for it again.
6. Get someone else to read it – to make sure it makes sense and is understandable.
7. Then just read it again for the hell of it – but keep looking for that mistake.

I am now taking some time to check that my boys and husband are having an enjoyable and productive half term holiday, and have some time off to spend it with them.
See you next week!



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