The 3 Days of Christmas.

Last week I met MP Michael Fabricant at Lichfield Cathedral, when I added my business bauble to the FSB christmas tree in awareness of Small business Saturday.

It was only a brief meeting, but he seemed like a real normal down to earth kind of person. One of us.
Later on I had a look on his Facebook page, and there was a photo of him with a moustache as he was doing his “Movember” bit.

Some kind person had made the rather unkind comment “what a nob”.

Well I say to that person. – Friday night in the pub with your mates, a lot of beer and some chasers later, trying to impress the girls, show off and have a lark – “what a nob” ( I dare you to deny it)

The point being it’s human nature, we can, and I think should all of us do something a bit daft sometimes, let your hair down.

And if christmas isn’t the time to do it then I don’t know when is.

So as a message to any of you who are bothered, complete with a website offer that you might be interested in (or know someone who is) – below is me being a little bit of a nob!

As its almost the holidays, I cannot promise a blog next week – not sure anyone will have time or inclination to read it anyway. (comments please).
I’ll see what I am up to.

Have a great christmas all of you and thanks for your business past and business future.

Watch this for my business present to you all.


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