I had better get some work done then!


Today is my first proper day back to work after the holidays, and “mummy duty” with the boys.
Dad was around too but it was 3 weeks without any exclusive “me time”.

School started yesterday and Lucas is back to playschool this morning so its my blog day.

We all seem to love christmas, but I think it is more the idea of it, as for me it never seems to pan out the way you hope, always some little niggle to spoil something*:

This year my youngest was just the right age to get sooooo excited he just could not contain himself,  . . .
. . . .but then moaned at Santa on christmas morning for getting “the wrong” mystery machine for his scooby doo people. (*spoil  1)

Then my oldest son moaned at me that his lego star wars watch was not the same one he had chosen himself and witnessed us buy as he was certain it had a real Darth Vader lego mini-figure not just one that is part of the strap. . . . (*spoil  2)

. . . . we had swapped it for a cheaper version – without realising the difference – so eventually I owned up (to stop him from convincing himself he was going mad) but the purchase of a proper Darth Vader mini figure was 3 times the original saving!

So by 8am on christmas day, I felt quite annoyed that all my efforts had not been appreciated as both children greeted me with their complaints!

Were we like that as children?

And my oldest son also decided that he did not believe in Santa, as they were all fake with false beards, just people dressed up.

But he is happy to believe in the real Santa, who apparently has endless funds, and so he has already started planning his “rather expensive” requests for next year.

I had better get some work done then!

Thankfully the rest of my christmas was pretty good, a nice relaxing day with me, husband and children, and my mum came round, dinner for 5 went well, and the boys actually ate without complaining too. . . . .

. . . which was better than last year (when my youngest had a tummy upset, and threw up his christmas dinner).

The mild weather meant we got out for our family walk round Blithfield reservoir – on Boxing day, and had our traditional picnic in one of the many bird watching hides they have there. . . .

(not heated of course – but a proper enclosed wooden shed with 4 walls, a roof and a door – seats and open-able window lookouts over the bird feeding area, so sheltered and dry.)

. . . with my youngest unusually NOT moaning about his sandwich, but still being extremely hot blooded and racing around the woods in a T-shirt while me and his Dad are shivering in our thermals jumpers and coats.

I did manage to prove myself right to him though when we went for a family cycle around Fradley Junction…..(on Saturday 28th – I think)

… he absolutely refused to wear thermal leggings and long sleeved cycling shirt, insisting he would be Ok and warm enough in a T shirt and thin fleece. . . .

. . . .so when he finally admitted to being quite cold on his bike (he was being towed by Dad – so not pedalling or moving much) I was able to say I told you so. . . .

. . . . unfortunately the long sleeved extra layer that dad thought he had brought with us had actually been left at home, so everything backfired and we had to head home rather sooner than planned. (so spoil number 3).

And after that the weather went very wet, and the boys went stir crazy stuck indoors – despite all the new toys to play with?! – they continued to fight and antagonise each other – all normal there then!

Oh finally what a joy to get them back to school –  is it just me? – I seriously doubt it!

This morning I resumed my social networking (did not miss it) and looked over my Facebook messages and newsfeed and the general consensus is that we are all glad to be back to some kind of normality and reality.

Me too – after reading the comments and statuses of friends I felt quite an affinity with people.

But with normality comes the January blues, the miserable weather (although fingers crossed no snow) and the, arrival of credit card bills, with the OMG – did I really spend that much!

I had better get some work done then!

The purpose of this blog is for you the reader to gain a bit of an insight into me as a person and what I do as a designer, so that you can gain some kind of affinity with me and therefore be able to trust me as a person and a designer.

Then when ( and if) you need any design work doing you will feel comfortable approaching me, to take on that design work for you.

This weeks blog therefore has been bit of a personal insight into my family christmas, I imagine  at least some of you will relate to part of it.

But now I need to get back to it, as I have one design job to complete, another to start, and another to quote for . . . .

I had better get some work done then!
And if you are planning on needing some design work soon then this is the time to take advantage of the offiliated offer with my partners at DBN web design . . . .http://dbnwebdesign.co.uk/

Offer – with all design orders over £50:
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