Just another manic Mumday


I was singing this by the end of it

it was actually last Friday (better than a Monday), which at least meant I had the weekend to recover.
I had always known it was going to be a busy one as it was all in the diary. But best laid plans I guess.

My youngest goes to pre-school all day and I had my regular meeting with Christine Thomas my business coach and friend.

This month she had also invited me to the Griffin and King networking group she attends a Hotel in Walsall for their Fish Fryday.

After rather too much winding down over the holidays, I had been struggling to get motivated again, despite the fact that I have plenty of work at the moment, and so was really looking forward to the opportunity of meeting some new contacts.

So 9.15am I dropped little Lukey dukey (Lucas) off, and drove down to Lichfield Holiday Inn for my meeting with Christine.

Last Wednesday I had also attended an FSB meeting at Drayton Manor and done a Goal setting session with speaker Clare Whalley  –   http://meta4ltd.co.uk/

So I was part way there with getting back into things and Christine helped me further with her Life Summary and Business summary wheels, and life achievement wall. (of which I am part way through).

At 12noon we set off towards Walsall, in a convoy of two, for the Fish fryday lunch, which was a thoroughly enjoyable event, very civilised and lots of nice business people to chat to,

and I met up with Annie Dunn, from Tall Order promotions (thanks for the calendar Annie) whom I had been emailing and speaking to about a client job.

And this is when it all started to go a bit pear shaped, you see as a busy mum and business woman I generally do not get much “me time” to enjoy myself, and you know what, I was actually having too much of a good time.

And what happens to time when you are enjoying yourself?

Well 12.30 becomes 2.40, and you are still merrily chatting away even when others have already left.
One casual glance at my watch and the dread of reality sets in.

I have to collect my Lucas from pre-school in Alrewas at 3pm – 20 minutes time – and here I am in Walsall about 14 miles away. ( I phoned the pre-school of course) but . . .

Its, not going to happen is it – and you know what – it didn’t.

Why is it when you are in a rush every single traffic light turns to red in front of you?

I was in unfamiliar territory too and had to drive down the single carriage road, following the road signs (A446) when there might have been a quicker way. (I do not – by choice – have a sat nav either, regular readers will remember).

I ended up phoning my hubby, who works in Tamworth, but can be home in 15, as he finishes at 3.30pm anyway, and his very lovely boss (who is a mum too), is always good enough to be flexible with staff hours.

The pre-school were very good about it, but even hubby was 40 mins late, and I arrived in time to do a drive by and Lucas came home in my car.
(I discovered this morning there will probably be a £20+ bill to cover staff wages and extra rent on the village hall).

But if its 3.40 – what about my other son – who is getting him from school ?- I hear you ask!

well he is at the NEC rehearsing for Young Voices concert that very evening, so I don’t need to pick him up from school – no but instead . . .

. . . . I have to drive by myself to the NEC, in the dark, in Friday night traffic (might be raining) and without a sat Nav to go and watch him, then bring him home afterwards.

BUT before that….. we still had more to fit in, Manic mumday is not over yet!

So back home, its 3.55 and we need to get Lucas to his new swimming lesson, now the refurbishments to the Friary swimming pool are completed. He needs to be in the pool for 4.30 till 5pm.

I was a little anxious, as he has not been swimming for quite some time, although he was desperate to go again. And you know what – he absolutely loved it, and they were so impressed that they are moving him up to the next level.

Then dad is meeting us at the pool to get Lucas dressed so I could dash off to the NEC to be there in time to pay the exorbitant £8 parking fee, and have time to eat my pre-packed picnic box tea in the car, before going into the LG Arena for the event.

I did not really know what to expect, and although I knew some of the mums, I am not best pals with anyone, and was sat next to those I do not know. But I did enjoy it and the kids singing sets were very emotionally moving!

It was a great event, well sorted and varied, and the kids seemed to be having the time of their lives, as well as them singing we were all entertained by assorted celebrity singers, including X factor’s – Stacey Solomon.

It would have been nice to have had some company, there I was all alone in a big crowd of people, pondering on the business goals I had been trying to set.

And then as I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself, this guy Keith (somebody) performed one of my all time favourite Bon-Jovi hits, and I felt so much better.

Listening to (and singing along with) the lyrics they seemed to be telling me a message in relation to my business goals I was struggling to believe in . . .

and hold on to what we’ve got
it doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not – we’ve got each other and that’s a lot

we’ll give it a shot – oh we’re half way there, but take my hand we’ll make I swear

That’s when I felt so much happier, and motivated – nothing like a bit of feel good music to lift the spirits.

Roll on 2014.


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