Balancing your dosha

If you read last week you will remember at the end, those Bon Jovi lyrics that helped me to get my head in the right place to be motivated and positive, but most of all not to stress too much if I did not quite achieve everything I set out to do.

And I am still in a good place, part way there, living on a prayer.

A couple of jobs on the go, two in the pipeline, a potential one coming up (fingers crossed). One that did not materialise – but you can’t win them all!

Business goals in tact so far. – and written up on a chart in front of my face to remind me every time I am sat at my computer. – “We’ll make it I swear”

I had a personal goal too, and I never actually wrote it down yet, so here goes:

To not lose sight of quality family time, and to make sure I spend some time every evening with my husband. (The fingers crossed AIM is to turn off the computer by 9pm).

While everyone’s reason to work – of course, is to earn more money – to spend on the material family luxuries, which are seriously lacking in our household, for rather a long time now . . .

You can categorise your luxuries in a different way:

Are they just material things like a bottle of wine, a meal out, an expensive dress, hand bag, power drill, sky TV subscription, foreign holiday, X-box, Wii.

or are they, making material sacrifices, allowing you to be a stay at home mum to be with your pre-school children.

or are they also, a relaxing evening snuggled on the sofa, just mum and dad time, the lights low, the heating on, a warm mug of coffee . . . .

a bar of chocolate, (tesco value is impressively very tasty and only 30p per large bar) . . . and a good BBC drama, or ITV movie on the telly . . .

. . . an old classic like Top Gun, on ITV 2. (hubbies favourite film) the soundtrack is good and a young Tom Cruise is easy on the eye, so who’s complaining. . . . (all on Free-Sat TV – we cancelled sky 18 months ago – thats £612 in my pocket not theirs)

. . . .and then getting to bed at a sensible time – (sleep is under-rated by too many people).

And even though working late every evening on my business, sitting up alone on the computer, may get me more clients and more work, and ultimately earn me more money . . . .

Working 24/7, pulling all nighters socialising more with FB than HUBBY, and feeling really tired all the time . . . .

All work and no play – makes jack a dull boy, (‘The Shining’ – who remembers that?)
and makes Jill a grumpy mum, and puts jack and Jill’s marriage (they are married in ‘Puss in Boots’) on the slippery slope towards the well of divorce – (OK maybe a bit harsh but you get the idea)

would you class that as one of life’s luxuries?
No me neither, so I am focusing on getting the balance right!

The one exception, My business USP:
I will go that extra mile, and reply to a Saturday night email, from a client, after all that is what sets me apart from the corporate’s with their 9-5 hours. I try to give outstanding service.

However, I am a big believer that money IS NOT EVERYTHING – And so far so good, the scales are level and the balance is working and I feel happier, and healthier.

The little things are important, and the most important little thing in my life – is my 4 year old son. ( the 7 year old is not little anymore). And he is getting his balance right too

This weekend we got him his own balance bike, an ebay bargain, (his big brother’s was just not quite small enough and he had been struggling to get on with.)

And now his head is in a good place too, and he is riding it on the school run, and balancing brilliantly.

I am doing a design for a lady at the moment who specialises in Ayurvedic therapy – and although I have not used her services, I seriously feel like my Dosha is in the right place . . .

. . . and If I stay true to my family – work balance plan then maybe some more Dosha will be in my bank account too. .

So her’s to a little bit of dosha and a lot of happiness to come.

Are you balancing your dosha too?


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