The Wrong Trousers

This week, we have had the wrong trousers debate, on wash day . . . .

My four year old son is very strong willed (like his mum), and very small for his age. As a parent you often hear other parents say that children grow so fast that none of the clothes ever wear out.

Well we are the exception to that rule, thats the royal “we” and more specifically his highness Lucas, who is still wearing age 12 – 18 months in some of his clothes.

He knows what he likes, and he likes what he knows, and he does not like trying new things, and he definitely does not like wearing the wrong trousers.

I have lots of hand me downs that would fit, but he has his favourite pair, patched on both knees, slightly thicker denim, slightly narrower leg, and elasticated adjustable waist.

They are just more comfy I guess, and he wears them most of the time, despite having a drawer full of perfectly acceptable, un-patched alternatives.

And he makes himself extremely well heard that he is not going to wear any of the other pairs, and he wants the specific favourite pair, and has a temper tantrum when they have to go in the wash.

Now as a four year old he can (almost) get away with a temper tantrum. As a four year old who is smaller than most two year olds, I can get away with him having a temper tantrum (if it is in public).

Wouldn’t we all love to have our own temper tantrums. . .  I bet you all secretly do – in your own personal way . . . .

. . . . As a graphic designer, (one of those creative types), and working at home alone at my computer, I have on occasion got so impatient and frustrated with, the software, the hardware, myself maybe, that I have come close to an adult version of a temper tantrum.

So lets get back to a point . .. He knows what he likes, and he likes what he knows, which from my point of view as a designer is the perfect client. . . almost.

You see design is such a broad spectrum, and my dreams are not necessarily your dreams, but for me to be able to create that perfect fit with your ideal and the end design, it helps if you know what you like.

I have often said that design has very few right or wrong answers, it is about what fits for each person, and what they like.

There is in definition nothing wrong with any of the trousers in my sons drawer, but to him they don’t quite fit his ideal.

When you want to design a product to represent your business, you need to think about coming from within you, so it is a little bit of what you like. . . .

. . . and then the important compromise, who are you trying to sell your services, and products to. “Your target audience is?” Because they need to like it too.

And to put a different spin on the wrong trousers story. . .

My son’s drawer is full of trousers that I like, hey I chose them, but he is my target audience, and he’s not buying them is he, so I am not getting any sales!

So when you are thinking about creating your business, cards, website, flyers, promotional literature, letterheads, catalogues . . . . . .

Take time out to work out who is your target audience. How old are they, where do they work, what do they read?, what leisure activities do they enjoy?, how much spare money do they have to spend on what you are selling?

How are you going to “speak” to them? . . . what kind of language will they respond to? . . . . What do they want to hear? . . . .what will make them listen?

your 80 year old granny is (probably) unlikely to enjoy a punk rock gig – and should (probably) be appalled at the way a poster advertising that gig is presented – coz then it will more likely to appeal to your 18 year old son!

OK so now we are getting somewhere . . . it’s a bit of a stereotypical analogy to demonstrate the point . . . but as you can see it’s not rocket science.

So this is why as a designer, when a potential client comes to me, and what a quote for a design, I always schedule a FREE, detailed briefing meeting with them, and include all those specifics in their unique personal quotation.

You could almost refer to it as a “fitting”. They get to know me, I get to know them, and we talk about their design ideals, and their target audience, and where they want the end result to fit.

I don’t do “off the peg”.  But I do have a value range, and a FREE flexible payment system.
As a designer, there are an endless amount of trousers in my dressing room. You just need to try on a few pairs and find the perfect fit.
Reminder – FREE website offer, for all design orders of £50

Enjoy this snippet:


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