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Well the take up of the DBN / Wild ideas Free website offer is going well so far. I am going to be busy busy busy.

Reminder – FREE website offer, for all design orders of £50

The main thing that has cropped up during discussions with clients is the choice of website domain.

Now as a competent user of the internet, I am familiar with the word domain, and I think we can all get a bit complacent with our own knowledge, and need to be patient when explaining to others.

I have in fact blogged in the past, at my own realisation of in fact how much I do know, when I speak to others and become aware that they are looking rather blankly at me.

We are all experts in our own field, and should rejoice in the snippets of information that we pick up along the way, treasure them for the jewels that they are, and value ourselves for the knowledge we have gained.

(and always be ready to listen to others who are happy to pass on more treasure to us).

Anyway , I digress. The point is, domain names – I know what it means, but I have discovered that whilst helping some of my new business clients in getting that first step onto the internet with their FREE website, they do not fully understand what a domain name really is.

So, for those who don’t know, I will explain, here. (we all know, just some of us may not be familiar with the terminology).

With a website you need an address, and all web addresses are on the world wide web, so I imagine we all understand (these days) where W (world) W (wide) W (web) comes from, which is the first part of your address.

So that is the first part that is universal to us all, and just lets everyone know that is is a website address basically. SO all websites start with www.

The parts that are unique are the middle bit (and if I use my own website as an example) after the www. comes my domain: linda wild ideas (which without any spaces becomes lindawildideas)

The other main part that will be the same as lots of other websites is the extension at the end. The (which I is the united kingdom company standard for british based websites).

So to end my own website I too have
making my domain name

And I can then use that domain name for both my website and my emails. Making my business look professional.

For my website I will add the www. at the beginning:
. . .and for my email I will add linda@ at the beginning:

there are lots of other extension choices instead of

The following excerpt is so well written I have borrowed it from a well known domain registration service site and explains the basics.

“There are so many different domain extensions such as .biz, .info, .net, .so, .sx and .xxx. But which is best for you? That depends on what you are doing with your website.

Now, if you’re looking to set up a personal site or a professional portfolio to showcase your skills and experience, then extensions like .me .pro or .pm or .pw would work best.
There are many different extensions. Some are country specific, so you might need to satisfy certain conditions to register them, for some like .eu you need to live in the European Union to be able to register the domain.But generally it is down to your own taste and any domain will be suitable.

If you are selling products in the UK a will be perfect as it is recognised as the UK extension. If you are selling internationally a .com would be more suitable as it is the internationally recognised domain for commerce.”

But as we are in the UK the one you will probably prefer to have is, which is the one that is included for free with our offer).

And so to the next bit that you have to really think about – and which will be unique – so if someone else has already registered it you will need to get creative and clever.

Your actual personal domain, the name of your website, the title, the part that you tell everybody, and the bit that hints to others what your website is about.

If Joanne owns a flower shop she may well call her business Joannes flowers, and then her domain name would be:  joannesflowers  or she may want joannesflowershop.

It is also possible to add hyphens to make the name easier to read, joannes-flowers or joannes-flower-shop. But then when you tell people you have to specify the hyphens which makes it rather a mouthful to describe.

But generally, with your domain name choice the shorter the better, which makes it easier to remember, if you can make it work for your business.

However this is where you are the master, but you need to be clever, by being logical and sensible.

Try to avoid the use of incorrect grammar and non-standard spelling of words, all these things make it harder to explain when verbally telling people your web address. (be aware of the pitfalls if you choose this option).

One thing you could perhaps do is have your nice attractive domain name, and then also register the boring but logical sensible one(s) and have them point to your fun one!

Two lots of people are going to be using your website:

1. Those who have seen your marketing and have the web address in front of them either to type it into their browser or click an online link.
2. Those who are typing into google and looking for what you are selling.

The fun name will be fine for user 1.

But when you need to try and catch user 2 that you need to be smart with your domain choice.

If you want to find a flower shop and you are in google – what would you type?

Do you type “flower shop”? or specifically do you search by location? and type “flower shop lichfield” –  as I might do living in Lichfield.

So something to consider, and especially if you market to a local area, adding that area to your domain name.

Joanne, may decide then to have her domain as joannes flowers lichfield (joannesflowerslichfield). It will certainly help if her actual domain name contains the actual word that people are searching for.

If you want to checkout website availability then you can do this here

Hopefully I have given you plenty to think about and research so you can be ready, but if you need a little help then just get in touch with me here.
or my affiliates at DBN here

Reminder – FREE website offer, for all design orders of £50


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