Do you know Alice Cagliostro?

With website design being fairly prominent in my mind recently due to the offer. . . . .

Reminder – FREE website offer, for all design orders of £50

Then font licensing has been one consideration that I have had to bear in mind.

Now its all well and good using fonts from your computers operating system on a print job, as long as you turn them into outline paths before you send them elsewhere, for print, however . . .

When you type something on your website, then you want the text to be editable, to benefit from easy amendment, and live, to benefit from google recognition and SEO (search engine optimisation) . . .

Basically you need all your words to be readable by the search engines to help your website get found more easily!

So that means that you can’t just use any old typeface, (unless you own the licence for it). You need to use a font that is licensed for the internet, or free, with an open source licence . . .

. . . which means there are minimal restrictions, and it is open for all to use.

The first port of call for this would be Google fonts.

All these fonts can be used on your website, or your print, and downloaded to your computer, or with a little effort used “on the cloud”. . . . .  (

. . . . which basically means you can access and use them over your internet connection without having to copy them onto your computer.

Your web developer can also access the “code” to insert into your website so that anyone who views your website will see all your type displayed exactly as it was intended, in the correct font it was intended, as their device will be reading “on the cloud” too.

Which means that if they didn’t know Alice Cagliostro before, they will be able to do now!

Alice Cagliostro is in fact  – Alice M Cagliostro (Age 106) living in Citrus Heights, CA, a white American Female, born in Massachusets 1908.  (

OK OK now I have really confused you, is she your granny I hear you ask?

She is in fact, back to the point of the blog, 2 different things, she is Alice, and she is Cagliostro, and both are names given for google fonts that I have recently used on 2 different design and also web projects.

And when she was younger, Alice was seen as a. . .
“quick brown fox that jumps over a lazy dog”, (which is still an option)

but nowadays things have got rather more sinister, as she appears to have become a . . .
“grumpy wizard who makes toxic brew for the evil queen and Jack” (the default)

Well I guess if the queen is evil she deserves to be poisoned, (She was pretty nasty to Snow White) but poor old Jack (although he did swap a cow, steal a hen and kill a giant! – it all sounds like something out of a fairy tale . . . .

Do you remember this from blog 9?. . . .
“The secret history of Tom Truehart boy adventurer”  by Ian Beck – which incidentally is a great kids read too!
Find out more in the land of stories here……..

I digress, (as per usual) sorry just trying to be cryptic – just google’s sentence that covers the whole alphabet, to display every letter format.

But if you don’t like those words or you need to see what a particulate word or sentence looks like then you can just type it in the preview text box at the top of the page and it will appear in every font.

Then you can add to collection any that you like and review at the end before you make your final choices.

Anyway, if you are struggling for a new font to use on a project, then take a look,

Theres Gabriela Galdeano, and Allan Jura as 4 other alternatives, and they are always adding more. . .

and have a go with the cloud (

There are other font sites too, as ever, with the internet there seems to be no shortage of just about anything, at the end of our fingertips, see what you can find and have a play . . .

So no excuses for not getting creative and making your documents and letters fun and fancy, enjoy!


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