Lord Business


My seven year old son is obsessed by Lego, and all things lego related, and we had it scheduled to go and see the lego movie last week in half term, which indeed we did – at Tamworth Odeon.

Both boys enjoyed the film. I must admit I had a little nod part way through, before it seemed to get a little more interesting. (maybe I was genuinely over tired – it is unlike me).

I got a bargain on the price too, boosting my tesco vouchers and exchanging them for odeon cinema codes, then buying online, and using the automated ticket machine in the cinema foyer to print them out.

All very organised and easy to do, and the 3 of us for £11, instead of £19, and definitely not the £27 for the 3D version – really? £27 for 90 minutes in a cinema – maybe its just me – getting old.

The thing now, Lewis wants to get “Lord Business”, the lego figure. The character, obsessed by doing everything by the rules, following the instructions, making everything exactly as it was meant to be!

Anyway, we had a good time, and generally we had a pretty good week during half term. Meeting cousins at Sudbury, going over to Nottingham to my mums, who usually comes to us, so a treat for the boys, who always ask to go to Grandma’s house.

All in all, a successful week, with quality mum and children time – AND I even managed to do some design work, while the boys enjoyed valuable free-play time, or watched DVD’s.

I sent 3 invoices, managed a few phone calls and tied up some loose ends. – All in a week where I may not have expected to do much of anything work wise.

SO feeling pretty good about what I had achieved, we went to our usual monthly messy church on Sunday, and I was chatting to one of my neighbours who is in the process of setting up his own business and doing a lot of networking.

“You should come the the rugby club on a Friday for their 6am breakfast meeting” he said, “you would get loads of work – or come later it doesn’t start till 7am” . . . . . .

Can anybody see my immediate (mother) problems with this statement? . . . . .

1. 6am (so I would have to leave at 5.30am) and the boys are asleep in bed.
2. 7am, my husband departs for work – and the boys are asleep in bed.
3. 8am, The boys are getting dressed, etc, breakfast etc
4. 8.40am we are walking Lewis to school
5. 9.10am I am driving Lucas to preschool.
6. 9.30 am I am free now – is the breakfast meeting still on???????

I must admit I did rather snap back at him, he is a parent, but maybe men really are from Mars, as he genuinely did not seem to appreciate my predicament.

“Well if you want your business to be successful . . . . . . don’t you have anyone who could have your kids?”

I did apologise as I realised that I had been a little blunt – but I still struggled to see how he could not relate to my predicament.
Of course I want my business to be successful – but it depends on how you measure that success.

My business is about working around my children, being able to spend the quality time with then and provide the stability they need and deserve. Putting them first.

Its about achieving a successful life, as well as a business.

I would love to be able to attend a regular networking group, I have investigated a few – but for logical reasons most are breakfast time. . . . I have not given up looking.

Volunteers to come to my house for 6am, get my – very stroppy, no concept of time – children up, dressed, fed and to school all welcome. (and not charge an arm and a leg to do so).

As you may gather, I do not have anyone who could have my boys – in the above scenario.
(maybe as an emergency one off ) but not on a regular weekly basis.

It does demonstrate how different men and women are though, the instinct to be protector and provider at all costs – The Lord of the business- success measured in material wealth and countable assets. That’s nature I guess – he is just doing what men are designed to do.

Where women (maybe just me) have to be Lord of the dance, juggling the household, the children, the cooking, the play dates, the after school activities, the finances, plus if they work . . . their own jobs. Where success at the end of the day can be a pretty hard target sometimes.

Women just doing what women are designed to do. Being “Wild Style”, (another lego movie character) the master builder, making it up as she goes along, adapting to each situation . . . using the pieces she can find to build her own world – without needing the instructions.

As Linda Wild, owner of Wild Ideas and graphic designer, I think I may have a little Wild Style in me!

It has made me think though, and I should thank him for that . Made me question my own convictions, although I am annoyed at how much it has bothered me. . . .

Am I not taking my business serious enough?
Should I be finding a solution for someone – (a childminder?) to have the kids?
OR If you know of any flexible networking groups in and around Lichfield . . . . . .
comments and opinions most welcome . . . . . .



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