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Knowledge is power, and technology is running away with itself at an infinite speed. This week the news has been full of robotics, and all I keep seeing in my head is snippets from the iRobot movie.

Hollywood is guilty of great feats of escapism, taking us completely out of ourselves to levels of intense emotion and insane thrills of entertainment . . .

So when the real world comes sneaking in the back door with a suggestion of encroaching on those levels it all becomes a tad unnerving

Am I being a drama queen – maybe . . . . but I am a little uncomfortable with talk of robots doing so many things.

Anyway workwise, after chasing all my leads, and following up on quotations, while I am waiting for people to get back to me I have been making good use of my time . . .

The postcards I designed for the ongoing FREE website offer with DBN web design came this week, and I had a trip round Fradley and Alrewas, distributing them to local businesses, and public places so anyone who may be interested gets to hear about it

Reminder – FREE website offer, for all design orders of £50.

And with websites quite high in my mind, I took the time to listen to an online video recording, that I came across, (http://www.cardellmedia.co.uk/internet-profits.html) this guy is a marketing guru who has appeared on TV etc etc,

Anyway, I have listened to various people and when you realise that they are all saying pretty much the same things then you start to be convinced, that there is obviously some truth. . .

What is rather nice more recently, that after the past year of listening and implementing things on my website, I do tend to smile a little when I listen and read the advice, because instead of wincing and saying “Oh heck – I have not got that on my website”

I can in fact say, “Yep, I’ve done that”

and when I get telephoned by various marketing sales people, they do more recently actually compliment my site, and agree that its pretty good and ticks a lot of boxes . . .

My yell account Handler, ran my site through their website analysis recently, and it scores 8 out of 10,  . . . .

. . . . and that was it, there was no sales pitch telling me how they could amend and improve it ” for a really good price”.    Well that was a nice surprise.

So back to the Chris Cardell video I watched, which listed some important things about making your marketing successful:

1. The eight second website test – is yours engaging enough to keep people past 8 seconds?
make sure each page has a specific purpose, and is clear.

2. Use Video on your website
(Chris says: “Video is revolutionizing the internet and those who are embracing its power are reaping the rewards.”)

3. Use social media / facebook- interact and update and inform.

4. Build relationships with people – blog and engage and inform.

5. Give People Free Material. – valuable downloads and information.
(Chris says: “Don’t hold back. If the purpose of your business is to add real value to peoples’ lives – start now)

6. Test Pay Per Click Advertising
(Chris says: “Pay per Click propels you to the top of the search engines without spending months on search engine optimization that probably won’t work anyway.”)

7. Email marketing – update and engage and inform –
(Chris says: “One of the reasons that Email Marketing is so powerful is because if you set it up properly, your entire email operation can be automated.”)

So, which one are you?

A “Oh heck – I have not got that on my website” . . . . B   “Yep, I’ve done that”

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and I am not the expert, but if knowledge is power, and my own site scores 8 out of 10, then I am getting somewhere.

If you want to learn a whole lot more, then have a listen to Chris and draw your own conclusions.



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