Defining Moment
I would imagine, that most people who run their own businesses, do something that they enjoy – I hope this is as true as it seems obvious,
you do end up putting a lot of time and effort in – so you had better enjoy it – you only get one life.

Something that you enjoy, then often starts out as a hobby, and then you end up getting really quite good at it.

I feel fortunate, that I have always been creative, and as a child I loved to draw things. My son Lewis is the same, and when he is not drawing . . . .

He is a master builder (lego movie reference here). Our weekend trip to Legoland, Windsor was a great success. Both boys were amazed particularly by Mini-land, and all the models built (almost) entirely from lego.

My father was creative too, and so is my husband – so its all around me.

My artiness, led me naturally to a career in the arts and design, and was therefore a natural follow on to just swap my employed graphic design career to a self employed design business, after I had my first child.

However, I never really planned to go into business by myself, and ultimately did it with some hesitation and trepidation, only after so many friends and acquaintances kept on asking me why I didn’t “Just go freelance” . . . . .

. . . . you know like it was the easiest thing ever. It may well have been the logical thing to do, but that does not make it “easy”.

But in fact, one stage at a time, with no high expectations, or deadlines, I just plodded on and picked up some work and did a few Free business courses, and set up my business. . . .

Brilliant you might say, and it was an achievement, but, then it petered off and kept on plodding, just like little donkey, up the dusty road, on my own merry little way. . . .

. . . with not much more achievement.
Oct 2007, I originally registered my business with HMRC. . . paid my voluntary NI, so I would qualify (without question or proof of earnings) for Full Maternity benefit, on the birth of my second son, (Sept 09).

The maternity money paid for brand new computer and software – making me legal and independent, as previously my very nice neighbour, In Sawmills Derbys, and owner at Just 30 Ltd, had lent me a computer, (from a sadly departed acquaintance), when he took pity on me using my 2000 model imac that was getting a bit “past it”.

So fast forward to April 2013, 5 and a half years after registering Wild Ideas, and I was, plodding.

Bit of money in, the odd job here and there, and still surviving on my husbands salary. Not making enough to take anything out. . .

There was money in my business account, and indeed, it was all earned money – I had never put one little bit of my own money in at all. I had got a couple of grants and earned the rest – but there was no steady reliable income that allowed for steady reliable salary!

That 5 year thing was a bit of a niggle, people always ask you – “where do you see yourself in 5 years”, and I think I was a bit conscious of that, but what to do? . . . .
My youngest was still not at school . . . .excuse? . . . . – just keep on plodding.

Then came the bolt from the blue, phone call from the FSB (Federation of small businesses) and a visit from Mr Eddie Wright. ( See blog – Mr Right)

This was my defining moment . . . .
When I got off the fence and kick started my business.

I made a decision about what my business was and where I wanted it to be – and chose to start letting people help me
get on and make things happen.

I scoured the internet, read everything I could, listened and learned.
I joined the EC(Entrepreneur circle) on their 2 month trial membership, and did a training day, and read Botty’s Rules book. (you get this FREE).

It also coincided with my cousin Dennis at DBN web design, contacting me, with the idea of collaborative work
Reminder – FREE website offer, for all design orders of £50.

I realised that I needed to put in a bit of investment, spend some of that money on marketing, and improving my website, and getting some flyers, and new business cards, and doing lots of networking, and paying for a bit of PR.

And I have not looked back. – 2013/14 – I quadrupled my turnover from the previous year, and actually paid myself a little bit!

Previous to my defining moment I was like a lot of other people that I come across now – nervous and full of trepidation . . .

” Its just a bit of a hobby, I am not really ready to spend any money yet, I just get bits of work from my friends”

Do you recognise yourself? – That was me too, and you know what –
It is so great that you can turn something you love into something that people will pay you for . . . but

How long are you going to wait for your defining moment?

I am here to help . . . . . If you want to just have a chat, see a friendly face, get a few ideas, talk a few things through . . . .
Maybe ask an embarrassing design / business question, without feeling embarrassed, then please get in touch. . . .

You can download my FREE, how to create a marketing flyer design planner, straight from my homepage,
to get you on the way to that all important step of promoting yourself.

And once you are ready (tick-tock . . . .)

if you want to spend a little and bag yourself a FREE website in the process there is my
FREE website offer, for all design orders of £50.

thanks for reading


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