Miles gets his stone

Have you heard the news this week?
to be fair you probably heard much more than I did, as my snippet usually consists of
Radio 2, 6.30am headline bulletin, when I am still half asleep . . .

. . . . then backed up by the repeat 7am bulletin, when I am in the kitchen – but the radio is in
the lounge. (open plan house helps to facilitate a chance at hearing at least some of this)

Then maybe  – if we get the TV on at breakfast time early enough – and the boys don’t moan all over
it – I get the kids version on CBBC Newsround at 8.15.

Anyway, the news – did I not only say 3 weeks ago about the 9 a day fruit and veg thing
– Have you heard that news this morning?   –   eat your heart out BBC, you heard it here first!

More news this week – major milestone moment afoot, with the legalisation of gay marriage. . . .
(this is not a debate on gay marriage, merely a reference to a Legal Milestone)

My first and last opinion on the subject is, just because you have been born
with a genetic makeup that means you are attracted to persons of the same sex, by no fault
of your own, you should still be entitled to have your feelings for another human being
recognised and declared by law.

In previous years when, unmarried mothers, had to cover the shame by having their children
adopted, and OMG couples were “living in sin”  . . . . 

. . . .then anyone who is willing and happy to proclaim their love and devotion to another person
for the long haul, (particularly against so much negativity) deserves the right to do so.
One Life – Let them Live it!

Moving on . . . .
The next Milestone, is a business one, this week the first of our DBN and Wild Ideas
FREE website offer, for all design orders of £50. went live.

The website is for a very nice man, by the name of Miles D Beddows, who I met
when a friend of his contacted me to buy him “business card designs” as a christmas present. . . .

His friend was so impressed by the beautiful guitar and lute playing that he had done
at her daughters wedding, and a few other venues and events,
that she felt he could be making more of his talent and promoting himself properly.

Great idea if you are looking for an unusual gift.

I met with them both, at Miles home, and had a thorough detailed meeting
chatting over what ideas he had for his cards . . .

I listened carefully as he talked about his passion for music,  I made notes of his likes and dislikes,
talked about styles and colours and typefaces, took photographs and mental images of
curtain fabric and decoration. . . .

All these things to build up an understanding of the personality of the client, in order to
translate these things into his business card – which is a printed personality. . .

Various emailed design submissions, tweaks and adjustments
followed by much deliberation and careful decision making, by the client . . .

. . .and the business cards were finally printed in March, and I designed the
FREE website, to follow on with the branding and style.

It is important, that when a prospective client lands on your website, they can instantly recognise
the same branding from whichever piece of marketing literature you have handed them –
then they are 100% certain that they are in the right place.

Establish your brand and stick with it – don’t have a blue logo and flyer and then orange
and yellow on your website – folk may think they have come to the wrong place
– then one click and they are gone!

So Miles got his Stone when his site went live this week, you can read about him and what he does
at – he has achieved a small goal, set his first milestone and progressed
his hobby into the first rung of a business.

The wedding season is getting closer, do you know anyone getting married soon . .

. . . if you are interested in some beautiful classical and elegant acoustic sounds
to accompany you up the aisle, and / or create a perfect ambience to the surroundings
at your reception, then you can’t go far wrong here.

There are a few more sites progressing in the pipeline
but I have a limitless supply of stones available, even if you’re not called Miles,
you can read all about how the design process works on my website, then just give me a call.

thanks for reading


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