This is scandalous – but I have to agree!

With so much going on around us, and seemingly so little time to fit everything in, then we tend to be quick to dismiss things that don’t have real power  . . . .

It has to be something big, or extremely relevant, or intensely shocking perhaps, or a teaser to evoke our curiosity,
but the words have to be just right

That is the challenge of the marketer – What grabs your attention?

Part of my job, as a designer is to help people understand what they need to include in their design. . . .
You can’t make something out of nothing, the ingredients have to be right.

Why did you open the blog this week?
Do you always just like to read anyway? – well Thank you

Maybe you sometimes read – if you have nothing better to do?

Or if the title sounds interesting?

What about todays headline? – did it grab you more than usual?
are you curious about the scandal that gets my approval?

*Well that is exactly it!

. . . . .So  I do my social networking a little half heartedly, to be honest, I am aware that I should be doing more,
but it’s back to that time versus priority thing, but anyway, an emailed Facebook post this week really stopped me in my tracks. . .

This Young Mom Is Giving Up On Her Kids. Sounds Terrible…But I Think She’s Right.
Stephanie is a mom of two kids and recently had enough. She wrote an eye-opening public confession on her blog…
after I saw it, I totally agree with her. She writes:

As a mother myself, it instantly grabbed my attention, because it was, 1. relevant,
but then I clicked on and read it also because it was, 2. shocking . . . 3. excited my curiosity. . ..

The whole blog, is not nearly as dramatic as the headline would have us believe – but I did not discover that until I had read it –
so then its done, the headline has achieved its aim.

And then I even could not resist reading a couple more, the first one being:
This Man Is Dating Someone Even Though He’s Married. Sounds So Wrong…But I’m On His Side. –

Are you desperate to read these too, are you wondering why I have not added the links? (like I usually do)
well be patient – I want you to read this first.

If you are feeling like this, then I hope you will be starting to realise the point which is

In order to get your marketing to work, you need to grab the attention of your potential customers, YOU NEED TO WRITE A FANTASTIC HEADLINE.

A headline that is or contains, at least one of these:

1. Emotive
2. Relevant
3. Exciting and curious
4. Shocking
5. Scandal
5. Price Offer / Saving

If you can go one step further and be very clever (as the dating man article) is above

If you can write the truth in such a way, that our minds will read between the lines and jump to the obvious “shocking” conclusion – then you have truly grabbed attention. . . .

. . . . This is the scandalous part, that we (well some of us*) are tuned in to want to read anything that appears shocking, the newspapers do it all the time, dramatise and exaggerate for effect.

This tactic will not work for everyone –

*My husband for example, just cannot be bothered with gossip mongering tittle tattle, and this stuff just does not work on him.
So you need to know what is going to tear the heart strings, or the wallet, or the curiosity of your target audience to get results.

Of course once you have got the attention, with a great headline
you need to keep it with the rest of the information your marketing / article / flyer provides, and make sure your product and service are up to scratch too.

And wherever possible keep the same headline on all your stuff – when you run a campaign make sure you repeat the headline from your flyer on your web page too . . . . .

. . . . . so people landing on your site recognise it, and know they are in the right place and stay there.

So the second of the couple more articles / blogs I read was:

This Man Is Getting A Divorce In 2014. Sounds So Wrong…But I’m Totally With Him On This.

I did rather like this one, particularly as it relates to a similar subject I talked about in my own blog
of last summer “Great! no internet” – read again here.

And if you do still want to read these blogs . . .

(not so) Bad mother –
(very nice) Cheating husband –
2014 Divorce –

Read what other people write – be constantly aware of what works on you, and ask your friends to be brutally honest and critical
before you commit to a headline on your own marketing – if no-one reads it – its not going to sell anything for you.

PS – Its not easy, and there are no magic answers – A thesaurus and dictionary helps – so give it your best shot.
paying a copywriter could be worth its weight in ROI (return on investment).
thanks for reading


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