2b or not 2b

2b or not to 2b!

This blog is moving, and this is the last post on this wordpress dot com site

if you have been subscribed to my posts on this site and you want to continue to read my blog then you may need to log onto my new blog and re-subscribe, to make sure you get my auto updates.


Anyone who has done anything about marketing recently will know that we are being told on the benefits of the internet, and social media.
Regular updates and interactions with your audience, snippets of info on what you have been up to and how you are feeling.

Incidentally, over the weekend we have all been feeling lousy taking it in turns with a tummy bug.
Glad to say that we still managed to get on with the planned decorating of Lucas bedroom, in bouts of feeling OK.

And this morning the boys are fine – think about the calpol advert – where one dose and chaos returns – I think the sickness was almost preferable!
I am feeling much better too now – hopefully will get to the supermarket later before we all die of starvation

Anyway social media I really struggle with it. Dipping in and out, with random comments, but it is on my 2b better list.
But the thing I hope I am already achieving on my 2b done list is my blog, that I started last year , which is a better kind of social media for me. A way to tell the whole story.

Apparently, we all love a good story, and anyone who knows me will also know I can talk for England, and often do. Please feel free to cut me off when you are in a rush – I will not be offended.

The b in the tile – b for blog – To use a common cliched reference – To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Do you do it? . . . should you do it?  . . . is there any point?

Well, I first started blogging as a way to connect with my audience, and I do find it enjoyable, once I have a subject.
And I am spurred on by the friends and acquaintances who read it, and enjoy it. And it was easy to set up on the wordpress site, so no issues to getting started.

But then I spoke to my yell (hibu) account handler, Azeem about the SEO benefits. One of his friends has got his website very high in the google rankings, purely by having a blog on it.

Let me explain . . . .
Google loves websites that are current, and always changing with new and relevant information. Every time it scans the internet, and finds the same old sites with the same old information on it leaves them where they are, in its index list.

Well folks will have read all that last month, nothing new to add so no point listing it in the prominent headline position is there?

But wait a minute, here is a site which has new information, that may not have been seen much, move it up the rankings, make it a bit easier for people to find.
And the next week, even more new info, well better move it up some more then, folks won’t have read all this.

So, after having my blog on the wordpress website for almost a year, I am pleased to say that together with my web developer, at DBN web design (probably 90% him and 10% me) my blog is moving to my own website. http://www.lindawildideas.co.uk/blog

I am hoping that google is going 2b my new best friend, and that all you readers will continue to enjoy reading.
Nice and short this week, Maybe I’ll make up for it next time!

Ask your own web developer about adding a blog to your own site – and get google 2b your new friend too!
thanks for reading

if you have been subscribed to my posts on this site and you want to continue to read my blog then you may need to log onto my new blog and re-subscribe. to make sure you get my new updates



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