Great New Offer for Small/Startup Businesses

  • Are you a small business or a new startup?
  • Overwhelmed by the outlay required to get set up?
  • You need to get a good design for your logo, business cards, posters, leaflets.
  • You need a website, but feel you can’t afford it yet!!!
  • But without the website, do you quote a Gmail address on your business card/leaflets?
    Doesn’t look very professional, does it?

We have the answer!!!

In partnership with DBN Web Design, we have a great offer for you:

Free website offer

Free Website

When you get over £50 worth of design work done by us, you can get:

  • A FREE one page website,
  • With a or domain,
  • With your own email address.
  • Hosting for one year. DBN Web Design’s ‘Starter Hosting Package‘ with all the features included. After one year, normal hosting charges apply.
  • Domain Registration for or domain for two years. After two years, normal domain registration charges apply.
  • All set up for you.


In addition we are offering a bespoke page design (worth £100) for orders over £100.


  • Can I update my site myself?
    • Yes. You have full access to your hosting account. So if you feel confident, you can update the details yourself.
    • Alternatively, we can update the details for you for a minimal charge.
  • Am I tied in with Wild Ideas/DBN Web Design?
    • No. You have full access to your domain registration. So if you subsequently want to move elsewhere, you are free to do so.
  • The domain is great, but I want a .com domain.
    • No problem. Just pay the difference.
  • Can I upgrade from the ‘starter’ hosting?
    • Yes. Again, just pay the difference.
  • This sounds great. What do I do now?

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